Add CS: Source server to 7Launcher for 1 month


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This service adds your server to the monitoring (server browser) to 7Launcher for 1 month.

View browser version of monitoring

How does it work?

After the purchase, your server takes the first place in the monitoring until the next client buys it and you go down one line. Our monitoring system is stepped, not circular.

Make sure to include the IP address of your server in the details of the order

Monitoring Efficiency Guarantees

We guarantee you that your server will be seen by our users.
However, your task is to interest and retain potential players.
Players take into account the quality of the server, the general atmosphere, and similar factors that make them return to your server again and again.
The secret of success for your server is the work invested in it, while we’re simply telling people about you.

Visitors Statistics

More than 23,000 players visit the monitoring page every month: Google Analytics report.

7Launcher - CS: Source monitoring stats